Sponsor a Catholic Sister or a Nun

We are so excited to assist our Catholic Religious Sisters in continuing their education. Empowering them to better serve in their ministries will impact so many lives.

We are currently working with our ministry collaborating team to gather the necessary information of the sisters who will be candidates for our Adopt-a-Nun program. If you would like to receive more information or be introduced to a sister as soon as possible, please contact us.

The women sponsored by this program have dedicated their lives to the service of their brothers and sisters in need, and hope to continue to spread the Gospel throughout their various ministries.

Education is the best way to empower these nuns to generously share their gifts, talents and knowledge with thousands of people. CARITAS For Children offers this program to sponsor the education of a religious sister.

This is a personal gift to her and the thousands of needy people she will encounter during the rest of her life. Our Ugandan sisters are eager to bring you into their prayers and serve as a beacon of spiritual light in any way they can.

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