Our Founder

The Late Cardinal Kiwanuka Nsubuga

The Late Emmanuel Cardinal K. Nsubuga founded the Institute of the Good Samaritan Sisters of Nalukolongo in 1978. He was inspired by the ardent desire to attend to the needy and destitute children and the elderly he then founded the Mapeera Bakateyamba Home at Nalukolongo in the Archdiocese of Kampala (Uganda). The late Emmanuel Cardinal K. Nsubuga was compassionate and loving to all regardless of religious affiliation, social or economic background. Above all the Cardinal was greatly concerned about the poor and the suffering. His home was a den for refugees seeking comfort from war tone zones of the country and the cathedral a refugee for the sick, suffering everyone irrespective of his or her region, or race, economic or educational status, he was indeed our model in loving our neighbours and more so those in need. ‘’He still lives with us’’! History has it that every Friday he could live his residence and spend a night at Nalukolongo attending to the sick in their respective rooms involving in such activities like replacing beddings for those who could wet them, feeding the hungry and comforting the afflicted. No wonder, at his death bed, he willed to be buried at the home (where his children the orphans, disabled and destitute would always remember to pray for him) other than the Cathedral of the Archdiocese despite of him being the first Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala.

His last Will

Before his last breath he had this to say to the Good Samaritan Sisters ‘’LOVE ONE ANOTHER’’ This touching and challenging message was delivered to them by his successor His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala. It is our prayerful wish that the Almighty God grants him eternal rest.