Generating income to pay for the home’s expenses

The sisters have a small nearby farm that helps the home to be self-sustainable. Their farm includes banana crops, pigs, etc. that the sisters use to generate income and support the needs of the home and its residents.

The sisters also have a donor-base to support the home. One donor is from Italy and there are also many local organizations that donate to the home. The names of several donors are displayed on plaques on the doors of patients rooms and offices.

However, these donations are not enough. The home is still lacking in adequate space to serve more people. They are also in need of appropriate beds, transportation for the residents (including the necessity of an ambulance), physical therapy equipment and a dairy cow to provide milk.

Home administrators have plans in place to meet these needs. And with several sisters on the compound educated through ASEC’s programs, we’re confident they’ll be able to come up with innovative and effective solutions to serve those in need.