Message From Mother

The Mother General of the Good Samaritan Sisters of Nalukolongo Sr. Evangelist Mugisha has applauded the public for the support they extend to the Bakateyamba home that is caring for the vulnerable elderly.

Sr. Mugisha says the Bakateyamba home at Nalukolongo that caters for over 60 elderly is always over stretched with the utilities but whenever they make an appeal the public, people of good will from parishes, schools companies and other organised groups come to their help.

They are ever in need of food and other utilities that can help them run a home but of recent bills for water and electricity became high and they always struggle to pay for such expenses.

The home was started in 1980 two years after the founding of the institute of the Good Samaritan sisters by the Late Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga in 1978, to fit their mission called Charism, but they have extended the care and assistance to the children’s homes at Kyasira in Entebbe Ggaluga and Kankoobe in Mpigi district where children below 18 years from the streets and orphans are cared for.

It is said the Institute of the Good Samaritans is their hope any shortage in caring or meeting their needs hurts them.

Sr. Mugisha hailed her fellow sisters for the commitment in caring for the most vulnerable but said it should always be taken in good faith because its  part of their vows as the Charism of the Good Samaritan Sisters.

“The Good Samaritan Sisters main work is to cater for the poor, aged, lame, orphans and all the needy. The Good Samaritan Sisters do not only serve at Bakateyamba’s Home at Nalukolongo, but the mission is large. We extend our services beyond Nalukolongo. Hence, we serve in different areas trying to reach out to the number of people in our society. We work as Evangelists, Teachers, Social workers, Nurses, Professional Counsellors, Secretaries, Catechists, Administrators, and Agriculturalist etc.”

Mother General