St. Francis Clinic

Sr. Betty is the Director of the St. Francis Clinic, which is located in the same compound and provides treatment to those living in the home and to those in the community. She also serves as a clinical officer, nurse, midwife and part-time laboratory technician. Sr. Betty attributes a great part of her success running St. Francis Clinic to the skills she learned in ASEC’s SLDI program.

The clinic saves the home from having to spend money on outside medical care. In addition, the patients at the home can be treated by medical personnel right on the property.

In addition to the other service they provide, the sisters are trying to implement physical therapy services at the home. However, hiring a professional physical therapist is very costly. They have turned a nearby garage into a physical therapy suite, but currently can only afford to pay a professional physical therapist to come to the home on Friday afternoons. The physical therapist also holds training sessions for the sisters so they can learn some physical therapy skills to help their patients throughout the week.